Mango Materials Celebrates Launch of First-of-a-Kind Technology with Historic Ribbon Cutting in Vacaville, California

Mango Materials Celebrates Launch of First-of-a-Kind Technology with Historic Ribbon Cutting in Vacaville, California

November 15, 2023

Vacaville, CA – On November 7, 2023 Mango Materials hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony to mark the opening of its Launch Facility at the Easterly Wastewater Treatment Plant in Vacaville, California. This milestone represents the beginning of the first phase of a partnership between Mango Materials and the City of Vacaville, with the ultimate goal of building a biomanufacturing hub. In this initial chapter, Mango Materials is validating the use of Easterly’s biogas as a feedstock in the company’s proprietary process to produce YOPP+ biopolymer pellets as a replacement for polluting plastics.  

The ribbon-cutting ceremony brought together over 80 people from far-ranging backgrounds, including notable guests Mayor of Vacaville John Carli and City Council member Sarah Chapman, as well as City of Vacaville senior staff. Mango Materials’ investors and board members traveled from around the world and were joined by representatives from USDA and DOE as well as many of the engineering and construction firms that supported the project. Mayor Carli kicked off the event officially welcoming Mango Materials to the City of Vacaville.

“Mango Materials is the epitome and example of what a green solution looks like in biomanufacturing” said Mayor John Carli. “Through the partnership with the City of Vacaville, they will bring green jobs to our City and all over the world. Mango Materials’ process will revolutionize and change how we think of waste with their ability to turn it into something that can be used again, reducing our carbon footprint while increasing that which will help save the planet.” 

“Mango Materials is thrilled to take the carbon available from the Easterly Wastewater Treatment Plant and use biology to upgrade it to the carbon that we want – biodegradable materials that can replace polluting plastics. Our vision is to accomplish this while creating local jobs and solidifying Vacaville as a biomanufacturing hub,” said Dr. Molly Morse, CEO of Mango Materials.

Dr. Morse was joined by co-founders Dr. Allison Pieja (CTO) and Dr. Anne Schauer-Gimenez (COO), along with CBO Kristen Barton. Team members from all parts of Mango Materials’ operations were at the ceremony, serving as tour guides and answering questions. Donning bright yellow safety vests, the Mango Materials team members brought the same collaborative “all-hands-on-deck” approach to the ribbon-cutting that they bring every day to achieving their mission of replacing polluting plastics with biodegradable materials, starting with the Launch Facility in Vacaville, CA.

About Mango Materials

Mango Materials, Inc. is a biomanufacturing company located in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. The company was founded by researchers from Stanford University based on a unique approach to transform methane into biodegradable biomaterials. For more information about Mango Materials, please visit

About the City of Vacaville

The City of Vacaville is located in northern Solano County on the I-80 corridor and the southern entrance to I-505. Vacaville is strategically located midway between the state capitol of California, Sacramento, and the San Francisco Bay Area. The City currently occupies a land area of roughly 27 square miles and is home to more than 103,000 residents. For more information about the City of Vacaville, please visit

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