Mango Materials Featured in Stanford Engineering Journal

Mango Materials CEO Molly Morse is featured in this article about how harnessing methane could save our planet!

“Craig Criddle is on his office phone, and he doesn’t appear pleased. The Stanford professor of civil and environmental engineering responds to his interlocutor on the other end of the line in terse, clipped phrases before finally hanging up.

“You know,” he says with some weariness after the call, “if you want something from somebody, it’s best not to harangue them. That’s not going to get you far.”

Criddle can be forgiven some irritation with overly importunate callers. A good many people want a piece of his time these days, and he has a plentitude of irons in the fire. Among his current projects are a process that converts nitrogen waste into nitrous oxide that can “turbocharge” engines at wastewater treatment plants; a microbial battery that converts dissolved organics into electrical energy; and a facility where technologies for wastewater treatment can be tested at the pilot scale.”

Read the full story – How Methane-Sourced Polymers Could Save the World

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